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Printing parcel labels

You can print out address cards for your parcels from the Pakettikauppa dashboard or from your online store orders if you have Pakettikauppa’s online store integration. From the dashboard, you can print out the address labels immediately in connection with the creation of a delivery, or from the mailing list for a single parcel or multiple parcels at once. If you have an online store integration, you can print the address labels directly from the online store order page, either individually or in bulk.

Pakettikauppa allows you to print address labels in the following sizes:

  • A5
  • 107 x 225

To print package labels, you need a laser, thermal or label printer.

For printing, you will need blank A5-sized adhesive address labels (e.g.

Please note that the address label barcode must be aligned straight on one side of the parcel. The barcode must not overlap any of the edges of the parcel.

An ink jet printer is not suitable for printing labels, as the ink may spread in damp conditions, making the shipment information unreadable. The stickers do not need to be removable. None of the delivery methods require you to obtain the label templates of the company in question.