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Damages for shipments sent under a Pakettikauppa contract are claimed through Pakettikauppa.

Create an application for damage compensation from the Pakettikauppa dashboard

To create an application for damage compensation, open the delivery information from the dashboard by clicking “Create” -> “New application for damage compensation” at the bottom of the page. Pakettikauppa will forward the claim to the logistics company used and, once the matter has been dealt with, mark the claim as approved or rejected. Any damages will be paid free of tax to your customer account. Please note! Asendia does not accept applications for damage compensation.

Lost parcel. If a parcel is lost, please contact Pakettikauppa’s customer service. Damages may be claimed if the transport company declares that the parcel has been lost.

If the product you have shipped is damaged, it is the recipient’s responsibility to inform the used logistics company of the damage either upon handover or in writing within seven days of handover. If the recipient is a private individual, the reasonable notice period is 14 days. As the retailer, you then have one year to submit a complaint. If no damage has been reported, the logistics companies consider that the parcel has been delivered intact.


  • Lost parcel: Ask Pakettikauppa.
  • Damaged parcel:
  1. Recipient’s indication/reminder of damage to the transport company within a reasonable time (7 or 14 days). Please instruct your customer to do this.
  2. In addition, the recipient must apply for compensation from the online store.
  3. The retailer must submit a compensation application to Pakettikauppa (1 year)

As the retailer, you can see all complaints and their up-to-date information from the Pakettikauppa Dashboard (Tools -> Applications for damage compensation). From there, you can see the details of the shipment to which the claim relates, the status of the claim, attachments and compensation decisions.