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Asendia shipments

Create the deliveries you want to destination countries as Asendia shipments or small shipments.

Select deliveries from the Deliveries list in the Pakettikauppa dashboard and click on “Create line haul” to ship the parcels to an Asendia terminal in Sweden. You can pack more than one item shipped through Asendia into an Express Business Day shipment at a time, and the cost of the line haul will be significantly reduced.

Please note that shipments to countries outside the EU must be accompanied by a customs form, which you can print out through Pakettikauppa. If an item shipped through Asendia is accidentally left out from the line haul information, you can still pack the item in question in the same parcel.

As Asendia uses barcodes that are compatible with Posti, items shipped through Asendia must always be packed inside another parcel.


  1. Print an individual Asendia parcel label for each parcel
  2. Pack all the parcels inside one cardboard box and print your own “create line haul” label on top

Watch the video below on how to pack items (in Finnish)