Matkahuolto maintains a Finland-wide parcel delivery system based on a network of scheduled bus routes.

If you have a logistics agreement with Matkahuolto, you can deliver parcels via Pakettikauppa. Once the agreement is in place, you can start to ship via Pakettikauppa and use Matkahuolto.

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XXS Parcel and return

The most cost-effective delivery method for compact consignments less than 3 cm thick. Similar to Pick-up Parcel. XXS Parcels are...

Own logistic agreement

Do you already have an agreement with the Matkahuolto carrier? Once the agreement is in place, you can start to...

Home Delivery

Parcel shipments to the recipient’s door at the agreed time, including evenings and weekends in major cities within 1–3 weekdays....

Business Parcel

Especially suitable for deliveries to companies. Delivered to receivers Monday-Friday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. without prior agreement on...

Order a pick-up

You can order a regular daily pickup for your shipments with a monthly fee. Matkahuolto will pick-up parcels from you...

Pick-up Parcel and return

Parcel delivery to Matkahuolto’s parcel locker, pick-up points or service points in Finland. Matkahuolto has over 2 000 parcel pick-up...