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Shopify plugin

With this free plugin, you can integrate the delivery methods of multiple transport companies with Shopify’s interface with a single application. Use the plugin to easily add our delivery method to your online store’s checkout page and print out parcel labels with a few clicks directly from the Shopify interface. The plugin is free for our contract customers – you will only pay for the delivery of parcels. The plugin has been implemented under an open source license.

Pakettikauppa’s Shopify plugin is suitable for your online store if:

  • You send orders to Finland and/or abroad
  • You process orders with the e-commerce platform’s tools without opening other windows or applications
  • You are Pakettikauppa’s customer and want to make the delivery methods of multiple transport companies available with one extension

Why use Pakettikauppa’s Shopify plugin?

  • You get the pickup points at online store checkout
  • You can set delivery methods for your orders flexibly
  • You gain access to all transport company services supported by Pakettikauppa
  • You can get the delivery methods of multiple transport companies for your online store with one Pakettikauppa agreement and one application
  • You can print address labels directly from Shopify without needing to transfer delivery information between different systems

How to activate Pakettikauppa’s Shopify plugin:

1. Shopify plugin credentials:

You can get the API codes for the Shopify plugin from Pakettikauppa’s Dashboard under Profile -> API codes. An existing contract with Pakettikauppa is a prerequisite for the codes.

2. Installing the plugin:

After installing the plugin, go to the menu Apps -> Pakettikauppa -> Settings. Select Pakettikauppa from the drop-down menu. Enter the API codes you received from the Pakettikauppa Dashboard.
The plugin does not work without API codes. With these codes, we are able to identify the sender of the parcel and invoice you correctly.

3. Adding delivery types:

In the annually charged version of Shopify, it is possible to implement the Pakettikauppa pickup point search, which allows the customer to choose their preferred pickup point. Ask Shopify’s customer service to enable the Carrier Service API.

Pickup point delivery settings can be found under Shopify -> Apps -> Pakettikauppa -> Settings -> Pickup point settings. With the pickup point search, the customer can choose the pickup location of their choosing for the shipment.

Delivery methods settings: Shopify -> Settings (bottom left corner) -> Shipping methods/shipping.
You can set your shipping preferences, i.e. define the shipping methods you offer for your shipments: Shopify -> Apps -> Pakettikauppa -> delivery settings.

The sender’s address to be printed on the parcel label: Apps -> Pakettikauppa -> Settings -> Sender details.

4. Printing the parcel label:

Once Pakettikauppa’s app has been installed, you will find the options “Print label” and “Print Label and fulfill” on both the order page and the order listing page.

You can delete the plugin from Shopify’s Apps menu on the left. Select “Delete” next to the Pakettikauppa app.

Costs to the retailer:

Pakettikauppa’s Shopify plugin is free for the retailer, with no monthly fees or other additional costs. You only pay for the deliveries you make.

What can I help you with?

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