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Shipping price

The price of Pakettikauppa shipments includes all direct costs that may result from shipping parcels. If you have your own logistics contract, or if you compare it with other services, some of these costs may not be included in the shipping price. Included in Pakettikauppa’s shipping price: fuel tax, fuel surcharge, transaction fee, printing fee, etc. For comparison:

PaymentPakettikauppa’s pricePrice of other services
Opening fee€0Varies
Monthly fee€0€20
Fuel tax0%6–7%
Fuel surcharge0%8–10%
Transaction fee€0€0.59
Invoicing surcharge€0€5–8
Printing fee€0€0.01–0.40

Pakettikauppa’s domestic price list: Domestic shipping prices – Pakettikauppa

Pakettikauppa’s international price list: International shipping prices – Parcel Shop