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Shipping outside the EU

Through Pakettikauppa, you can send parcels outside the EU.

For shipments outside the EU, the CN23 form must be completed in the language of the destination country (usually French or English) and attached to the shipment. When created from Pakettikauppa dashboard, the customs form is printed automatically. It is generally recommended that the customs form be attached to the shipment in at least three copies in a plastic pocket.

It is the responsibility of the sender to identify in advance the destination country-specific import regulations and goods subject to restrictions and licenses as well as to obtain and attach other necessary documents, such as certificates of origin and disinfection, import licenses, etc. Deliveries outside the EU are also accompanied by a commercial invoice, see the Posti website for more information. TDG (VAK) and LQ shipments are not accepted for delivery through the international postal network.