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Sending with the Helposti code

The Helposti code is a string of numbers and letters that ensures a parcel reaches its recipient. The Helposti code is used to send parcels, and it makes sending items smooth. The Helposti code replaces the parcel’s address label. The Helposti code is written on the parcel in addition to the recipient’s name and address and the sender information. For older Posti Parcel Lockers, the Helposti code is also used to open the locker.

How does the Helposti code work at Pakettikauppa?

Pakettikauppa allows you to send parcels using the Helposti code. Create a delivery for your parcel from the Dashboard and select “Create transaction code” at the bottom of the delivery panel.

With the Helposti code, shipping items at an older Posti Parcel Locker is done by entering the code into the device. Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to send parcels using the newer Posti Parcel Lockers with a Pakettikauppa contract.

When using the Helposti code, an additional service fee is charged according to the price list.