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How do I start using Pakettikauppa’s services?

Pakettikauppa welcomes you as a new customer! With us, you will be in good company, as almost 7,000 Finnish online retailers are using Pakettikauppa’s services!

Are you an online retailer? Implementing Pakettikauppa is quick and easy

Register on our website, and you will be able to send parcels to your customers from Pakettikauppa’s dashboard.

We also have ready-made integration solutions for online stores. Sign the Pakettikauppa agreement from the dashboard. After this, you can start creating deliveries and printing address labels directly from your online store. Don’t forget Pakettikauppa’s integration that allows you to display pickup points at your online store’s checkout.

Read more about with which online stores Pakettikauppa can be integrated directly.

Please note! Vilkas’ online store template will create a new customer account when adding a delivery method if you forget to click that you already have an existing customer account. If your company does not yet have a Pakettikauppa account, registration is easiest in connection with adding a delivery method.

If you have any questions, we are happy to help get you started: