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Cash on Delivery (COD)

Buy and sell safely! With Cash on Delivery, the recipient won’t receive the parcel until they’ve paid the amount set by the sender.

Benefits to the seller

  • Secures the process, particularly when trading valuable items
  • The parcel won’t be handed to the recipient until the payment has been received
  • The money will arrive automatically in your account once the parcel has been handed over

Benefits to the buyer

  • You won’t have to pay for the item until you pick it up
  • You don’t have to send money to a stranger in advance
  • There’s a smaller risk of being scammed

Send a COD parcel

  • Select COD (Cash on Delivery) as an additional service. For the retailer, using COD is charged according to the price list for additional services.
  • Enter the sum that the recipient must pay to claim the parcel. Pakettikauppa will not add any expenses to COD prices.
  • The account number of the account where the COD amount paid by the recipient will be paid. Enter the IBAN account number of a bank operating in Finland.

The Pakettikauppa dashboard, WooCommerce plugin and certain other integrations allow you to use COD for the following products:


Postal Parcel

Home Parcel

Express Parcel

Matkahuolto (Cash on Delivery additional service):

Pick-up parcel

Home Parcel

Business Parcel

Bus Parcel